picture, Classic ear bowl, bowls, 1970, Vintage, retro, Tradition, , HOGANAS3L00001, 5,12 inches / 13 cm., Höganäs, Stoneware, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Classic ear bowl from 1970's. (5,12 inches / 13 cm.) . Höganäs.

Classic black/brown 3 l. ear bowl from Swedish Hoganas

kr 420,00
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picture, pitcher with blue and brown pattern, pitchers, 1970, Vintage, retro, MS, Marianne Starck, MSTARCK00010-1, , Michael Andersen og Søn, Ceramic / stoneware, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Pitcher with blue and brown pattern from 1970's. () Marianne Starck. Michael Andersen and Son.

Handpainted pitcher in beige/gray nuances with characteristic blue and brown pattern.

kr 185,00
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picture, Greenbrown dish, dishes, 1970, Vintage, retro, Kastanj F4, , RØRSTRANDKASTANJ00001, Rörstrand, Ceramic / Faience, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Greenbrown dish from 1970's. (Kastanj (chesnut) F4). Rörstrand.

Green/brown dish with abstract chesnuts.

kr 249,00
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picture, Dish, dishes, 1965, Vintage, retro, 149-2744, Kari Christensen, KCTENERA149274401, , Aluminia, Ceramic / Faience, product, english, uk, Retrokeramik
Aluminia dish from 1965. (149-2744) Kari Christensen.

Dish with birds and flowers. Part of the TENERA line.

kr 850,00
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